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Caulking Nozzle Applicator Finishing Tool

This nozzle set smoothens your caulking sealant as you apply it!
No more trouble fixing the uneven caulk sealant! 
✅One Step Smooth, Perfect Caulk Filling! This nozzle applicator set helps smoothen all uneven edge and gives you the perfect, smooth sealant finish as you apply the sealant! 
✅Perfect For Caulking of All Sizes! This nozzle set comes with applicators from 5-35mm so you can easily apply your sealants and get into even the trickiest corners and angles! 
✅Easy to Use! Smoothens the edge of your sealant and remove excess like a pro! The U-shaped nozzle tip let you apply just the right amount of sealant and reduce wasted fillings! Simply attach the nozzle to your sealant tube and fill away! 
✅ Durable Sturdy Build! Made with premium 304 stainless steel, this tool set is build to last with rust-resistant and anti-corrosion properties! 
✅ Wide Application! The caulk tool set can be widely applied for kitchen, door, window, sink, tile, and more! 
  1. Cut off the tip of your plastic nozzle. 
  2. Attach the caulking nozzle tool of your desired size to the tip of your plastic nozzle. 
  3. Use the positioning tape to your nozzle tool and fixate it to the sealant tube. 
  4. Apply your sealant as usual. 
  • Material: Premium 304 Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 115g
  • Nozzle Sizes (mm): 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 20, 25, 26, 28, 30, 35 


  • 14* Caulking Nozzle Applicator Finishing Tool
    • 1* 5mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 6mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 7mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 9mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 10mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 12mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 13mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 16mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 20mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 25mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 26mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 28mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 30mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
    • 1* 35mm Caulking Nozzle Applicator
  • 3* Caulking Nozzle CleaningBrushes
  • 5* Plastic Nozzle Tip
  • 1* Positioning Tape

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