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Heat-resistance Cocktail Glass with Straw [Free Cleaning Brush]


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Drink Like A Vampire!

Whether you're throwing a monster mash bash or spending the night at home treating yourself, these Heat-resistance Cocktail Glass with Straw are sure to make your evening a little spookierand a lot tastier.

It is just like an ordinary wine glass, but with a twist, literally. The inbuilt glass straw is designed as a tail with an elegant curve. Fill it with your favorite cocktail or soda, this creative glass will certainly add fun and style to your drink.


YOUR DRINKS TASTE BETTER - This Cup-Straw avoid big mouthful sips allowing an interplay of organic compounds, sensations, and temperature in your mouth by the little sips from the straw

UNIQUE EXQUISITE DESIGN - Its innovative design makes your events more relaxed and enjoyable

WIDE USE - Its design is not only for wine but for a wide range of beverages: lemonades, juices, water, milkshakes, sodas, fruit drink, cocktails, teas

LESS EXPOSURE TO SUGARY SUBSTANCES - Drinking from a straw keep sugary liquids away from your teeth andensuring that oxygen doesn't come in contact with the majority of the liquid, effectively reducing the oxidation of the wine

DURABLE -Made ofhigh borosilicate glass, durable and heat resistant

PERFECT GIFT - A set of these can be perfect for dinner or backyard parties. Gift these to your family and friends, and they will be enchanted by its looks


  • Size: Tall (Large) / Tall (Medium) / Short
  • Volume: 340ml / 193ml / 300ml

Package includes

  • 1 X Vampire Devil Red Wine Glass / 3 X Vampire Devil Red Wine Glass
  • 1 X Straw Cleaning Brush

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