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High Branch Fruit Picker


A helpful item for any gardener, this fruit picker makes it easy to pick fruit and berries from trees and bushes. The tool has a soft, flexible head that is very comfortable to hold.

The head is attached to a long handle that helps you reach fruit high in a tree or other elevated plants.

The High Branch Fruit Picker is an ergonomic, extendable picker that is perfect for picking fruit and other harvest tasks. The Fruit Picker is simple and quick to set up and adjust. The Fruit Picker holds fruit out of the reach of animals and off the ground so it is not damaged on the way to the kitchen.

Worry-Free and Labor-Saving: It relieves the tiredness and inconvenience caused by fruit growers lifting or climbing trees, and also reduces the potential safety hazards of fruit growers.

Soft Fruit Picking Head: The fruit picking head is made of a soft plastic claw, which is as flexible as human hands and does not hurt the fruit.

Package Includes: 1 x High Branch Fruit Picker


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