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Hang & Organize - Magnetic Knife Holder

Our Hang & Organize - Magnetic Knife Holder is designed with safety in mind first, made from top quality stainless steel and featuring a powerful magnet. The sleek, modern, space-saving design saves valuable countertop and workbench space, accenting any kitchen decor. Keeps your knives out of reach from children, and makes your kitchen look awesome at the same time!

This magnetic knife holder has an extended length that allows you to hold more knives than most knife blocks on the market while still being small enough to fit in well into many nooks and crannies in your mount onto kitchen walls with ease. Let your knife stay in place without the fear of it sliding off because of its strong magnetic feature. Now is the time to save spaceand safely organizeyour knives! 

  • space saver - save space and safely organize and access knives and other home tools
  • strong magnetpowerful lightweight magnetic bar holder mounts on walls and cabinets with ease
  • premium-quality - superior quality, durable stainless steel construction with multi-purpose functionality
  • small compact design-  strong and sturdy; a perfect storage solution for kitchens, garages, apartments, condos and anywhere,where space is tightor limited
  • rust-proof body with magnets to hold knives in place
  • nice display of your neatly organized knives

Size:33 cm x 3.5 cm (13 inches x 1.37 inches)
Material: stainless steel
Package includes: 1 x magnetic knife holder

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