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Linen Baguette Fermentation Cloth


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🥖🍞French bread made right!🍞🥖

French bread like baguettes can be tricky to make. But with the help of theLinen Baguette Fermentation Cloth, you’re sure to do it just right!Perfect for the rest and proof periodof bread, it makesdelicious baguettes with theideal flakiness french bread is known for.

Its thick, stifffabric isgreat for shaping bread whileabsorbing excess moisture andpreventing loaves from sticking together. It’swashableandreusable, with hemmed edgestoprevent fraying. Thisquality linen fabric isuntreatedandunbleachedforsafe use.


  • Deliciously Flaky- Absorbs excess moisture and minimizes stickiness to produce perfect baguettes with ideal flakiness. 
  • Perfect Shape - Its thick, stiff fabric shapes bread to rise vertically into perfect loaves Prevents them from sticking together. 
  • Made to Last - Washable and reusable, with hemmed edges to prevent fraying for a long service life. 

  • Quality Material - Made from 100% high quality linen fabric with no chemicals. Untreated and unbleached.
  • Versatile Use - Use it for baguettes, ciabatta, batards, pizza dough and much more.
  • Different Sizes- Comes in different sizes for making as many loaves as you need.


  • Material: Linen
  • Size: As shown

Product Includes

  • 1 x Linen Baguette Fermentation Cloth

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