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Handheld Sandpaper Grinding Tool

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🌟We know that what you want is easy to use and durable🌟


Think about it, people sanding flat surface with nothing, the stress come from your hand can’t disperse equally, the stress from palm is bigger than fingers’ basically,
and the stress of palm works on a little surface while fingers’ works on a point. It costs a lot of time and got a result not what you looking for. 

ThisSandpaper Holder Grinding Polished Toolsolved these problems for you. When you using this hand sander, the force from your hand disperse averagely.
Thanks for thecomfortable sponge hand gripand thelightweightitself, you canfinish your task in shorter timewithout worry about hurt your fingers like use to be. Very easy to use and very durable tool for you!


✨Highlight ✨   

  • Easy to use– Whatever surface it is that you want to smoothen, you can achieve it with this tool!
  • Lightweight– Won’t sore your hands and fingers when used.
  • Very durable– Made with only the quality materials, this tool is surely to last long!

  • Perfect grip – With the sponge in its handles, you can grip this tool perfectly and comfortably!
  • Makes work easier– Finish your tasks in shorter time with the help of this polishing tool.
  • Great for flat surfaces– Suitable for drywall sanding, flat surface of wood, metal, etc.


  • Material:ABS + EVA foam + Aluminum
  • Size: 180 x 85 cm
  • Weight: 2.39 ounces

✨Package Includes✨

  • 1 X Sandpaper Holder Grinding Polished Tool



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