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Stainless Steel 3D Mini Cake Molds


Having a hard time making the food you prepared look presentable? Then try the Stainless Steel 3D Mini Cake Molds to create shapes with a fine and polished look to your plating. 

It's easy to use that smoothens the ends of your food making it look restaurant-worthy. Grab your cameras and take a snap of your classy dish to show off your friends.

Not only does it leave your food in perfect shape, but it could also act as a cutter to further mold pastries and other desserts for your garnish. 

Product Features:

  • Smooth Ends: Perfectly molds your desserts with a fine finish making your plating look like a restaurant-worthy dish.

  • Wide Applications: Can also act as a cutter to mold pastries such as bread, cake, ice cream, and more!

  • Convenient and Easy to Use: The lid could compact your desserts for a more concrete shape while the body easily smoothens it.

  • Various Uses: Use it to mold your desserts such as cakes, chocolate, and pastries, or use it with savory dishes such as rice and any other dishes.

  • Premium Quality:Built with stainless steel and food-grade material, it will surely stay in your homes long while ensuring safe use.

  • Different Shapes: It offers different shapes for you to release your creative side and get wild with your designs.


  • Material: Food-grade Stainless Steel
  • Style:Set A (circle+square), Set B (Flower+Heart), Happy Set (All FOUR shapes)
  • Size: (Approximate) 8 cm x 4 cm

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