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Transparent Door Handle PU Crash Pad


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⭐No More Noisy Doors and Damaged Walls!⭐

There’s nothing more annoying thannoisy slamming and damaged walls caused by door handles, so thisTransparent Door Handle PU Crash Pad is the perfect solution to your problem! It featuresadhesive bumpers that you can place on the wall where it meets the handles to cushion the handleandmuteslamming noises. 



These multipurpose invisibleself-sticking crash pads are made ofdurable and eco-friendlysoft PU materials with strong adhesive back to ensure they stay in place. They also come inthick and thin sizes and different designs to fit various applications and atransparent appearanceso they can protect your home without standing out. 




  • Self-adhesive bumpers - Effectively mutes slamming noises from doorknobs and handles and protects your walls by simply attaching them. 
  • Versatile materials and design - Made with elastic, durable, and soft PU material in thick and thin sizes as well as animated shapes to fit various applications at home. 
  • Transparent appearance - Invisible clear body design to protect your home without standing out. 
  • Strong adhesive - Back of the bumpers have a strong sticky hold so they stay on the surface firmly and in place. 
  • Easy to apply and reusable- Simply peel and paste the bumper to your desired location and just clean by washing to reuse. 
  • Multipurpose -Suitable for doorknobs, handle, cabinet, headboard, refrigerator, drawers, table legs, behind furniture, and more. 




  • Size: 5 x 4.5 cm
  • Material: PU
  • Patterns: Starfish, Cat, Frog, Bear, Golf Ball



Products Include

  • 1  x Transparent Door Handle PU Crash Pad


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