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Wireless Charger Humidifier Bluetooth Speaker Night Lamp

This is a gadget that is a humidifier, a Bluetooth speaker, and a night lamp. It is a Bluetooth speaker, so you can play your music on it. It is a night lamp, so you can see in the dark.


Small home appliance set

Each set contains a wireless charger, an air humidifier, a Bluetooth speaker, and a night lamp, a small home appliance set for daily use, small in size and easy to carry, also great to carrying out for travel.

Wireless charger

Wireless charging board, simply place your phone or ear-bubs on it, your device will charge instantly, no more messes of power cables. Be sure your charge device supports the wireless charging function. Equipped with 2 special magnetic interfaces for the speaker and humidifier to charge. Powered by USB Type-C port.

Air humidifier

Designed to purify and humidify the air, and shoot fresh vapor and mist, to ensure your skin is water-retaining and not dry, create a comfortable, quiet and cozy environment to relax and rest, with a water tank capacity of 200ML. Only suitable for water, aroma and essential oil is not appropriate.

Bluetooth speaker

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 function, easy to match and connect with your phone to be a loudspeaker without any delay, which helps you to enjoy music freely and quickly.

Night lamp

Portable night lamp, the lighting is friendly on your eyes, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment in your home, appropriate for people of diverse gender and ages to use.


Type: small home appliance set

Material: ABS

Item Color: purple

Wireless Charger Power Input: 5V/9V 2A

Wireless Charger Power Output: 5W/10W MAX

Wireless Charger Power Supply: USB Type-C

Humidifier Battery Quantity: 1800mAh

Humidifier Water Tank Capacity: 200ML

Bluetooth: 5.0

Bluetooth Speaker Battery Quantity: 500mAh

Bluetooth Effective Distance: 10m/393inch/32.8ft

Night Lamp CRI: 80 and more

Night Lamp Color Temperature: 3500K

Night Lamp Battery Quantity: 300mAh

Size: 20.1*17*1.2cm/7.9*6.68*0.47inch(wireless charger)

7*7*9.7cm/2.75*2.75*3.81inch(Bluetooth speaker)



Weight: 1000g/35.27oz

Packing list

1*wireless charger
1*Bluetooth speaker
1*package box

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